Evergreen is part of the Christian Reformed Church. We have a history of asking questions. Questions like:

Why Religion?

Faith is an expression of our devotion to a thought or idea. It is a deeply rooted need within us to believe, and a completely satisfying experience to grow and nurture our faith and the faith of those around us. We are all religious about something. 

Why God? (the God of the Bible)

The Bible  is the word of God, revealing his great story to us and including us, through faith in Christ. We come to know God through his word. He is personal, holy and gracious. From Genesis to Revelation, we see God revealing himself to all of us. 

Why  Jesus?

Jesus is the only way for us to be saved from the sin that is so much a part of our lives. It's a reality. Jesus was a real person and in everything that he says and does, Jesus has the same qualities as the Father: personal, holy and gracious. Jesus is God with us. 

Why the Church?

The church has always been the people of God,  gathering and growing in relationship with God and each other. We challenge each other, teach each other, pray for each other and work together to encourage the message of Jesus' salvation to the world. 

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Our Pastor is Rev. Josh Friend. His wife, Tiff, and four children joined us in September 2017. Pastor Josh is passionate about preaching, music and cooking. You can often listen to him on 91.1 The Bridge, most every week on The Bright Side with Steph. Josh enjoys reading and writing, trying a new instrument and learning something new. If you don't find him at church, it will likely be in the kitchen!

You can check out more from Pastor Josh and family on his personal website: www.pastorjoshfriend.com 

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Not Just Church

What About Worship?

Our Pastor

"Evergreen is a second home to our family. From the moment we walked in, we felt invited to share; we felt like we could serve and be served."

                       - The Vroom Family

a reformed community

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Evergreen looks at worship from a number of angles:

1. Music that is singable- you should be invited to worship and able to join in

2. Music that makes sense- the songs we sing, we should sing for a reason, not just because they are popular

3. Not just music- drama, visual art, songs or videos- all of these are mediums of worship and God-honouring

4. Biblical Teaching- We celebrate church history and learning from God's word. Our sermons are pertinent, personal and able to prepare you for worship and life.